• the manufacture

    Piante Verdi Artificiali


The manufacture of our products is done entirely by hand through several phases and processes:

1 - Cutting the fabric into patterns
Everything starts with the creation of the leaves and petals of tissue by cutting through specific moulds placed under manually operated presses.

2 - Color fabric
Petals and leaves are hand-painted using brushes and water-based paints or acrylics.

3 - Drying fabric steamer
Then dried at 100° in special steam ovens.

4 - Curvature of the petals
Then a first petal curve is obtained by means of a press inside which is inserted the mold. In the next stage, each individual petal is finished by hand till you get a perfect shape.

5 - Assembly of various parts
The different models of petals so obtained are assembled and glued. Flowers, buds and leaves are so ready to be inserted into stems.

6 - Labelling and packaging
The finished product is applied a label showing the basic directions required by law. Finally, carefully stored in suitable packaging, acts to protect it during transport.