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The joy of Christmas

Flowers, branches and leaves with Christmas details, everything you need to create sophisticated compositions for Christmas. Evergreen has thought of every detail to give elegance to decorations; butcher's broom, candied fruits, crystals characterized with the typical colors of Christmas, gold silver, blue and many others, to create a magical atmosphere.
Curiosity and tips
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Christmas tree

The history of the Christmas tree is very old and I get confused both pagan myths that Christian rites, but the custom of the Christmas tree as decoration only begins in 1841 when introduced to England by Prince Albert, Consort of Queen Victoria. The ornaments were garlands, ribbons, tapes, colorful fruits and candles until 1882 when Edward Johnson, then an Assistant to Thomas Edison had the wonderful idea of decorating the Christmas tree with electric lights. from here onwards the use of deck the FIR for Christmas mass has become and what types of Christmas ornaments have become increasingly varied and imaginative. What is certain is that the Christmas tree is today one of the most beautiful symbols of this magical time of year.

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The term refers to a type of berry fruit fleshy, many are edible and used as flavourings such as Juniper. Nature offers us always beautiful ideas and berries are one of these wonders that can help us in the winter months to decorate bare corners of our garden, a wall or a corner of our House, with a little imagination every corner counting can be brightened up with taste and simplicity. Also with the berries we can always invent new solutions to create compositions to give as gifts for the holidays, decorate gift packages, greeting cards and customize them with these fruits.

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Christmas decorations, real floral ornaments designed to make boxes, gift boxes and more harmonious and original Panettone, for sure Visual impact on the modern buyer.

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The Christmas star is one of the best-known symbols of Christmas: present in most homes during the holidays is perfect to liven up an angle or embellish the light of a window, with its simple and elegant you will appreciate. Also ideal as a centerpiece, you can place the silver bowl on a transparent plate surround from a branch of fir tree dusted with silver dust and sides finish with two candles.