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Flower Charm

The colors and shapes of the splendid creations of nature, by the refined calla to intense Pinks to the cheerful gerbera. A great variety of flowers faithfully reproduced by hand in order to admire the charms of all flowers.
Curiosity and tips
Tulipano Info

The tulip

A native of Turkey, its name derives from the Greek word turban (turban), because its shape resembles that of a turban. The Tulip in the Oriental world means perfect love and with its cheerful colors is perfect to give light and harmony to every room.

Calla Info

The calla lily

When you enter our showroom, the charm of colors and attention to detail of our flowers and artificial plants will captivate you. You can watch closely and caressing each petal and leaf, be overwhelmed by the taste and subtlety of artificial reproductions ...

Orchidea Info

The orchid (cattleya, dendrobium, cymbidium, vanda, phalaenopsis)

Flower fragrance delicate and velvety petals, has always been the symbol of sophistication. The Orchid has also inspired the symbol of harmony and spiritual perfection and elegance to any room that you choose to promote.

Papavero Info

The poppy

Thanks to its bright red colour, especially the red poppy, he evoked images much more powerful and solar. "(...) You cannot imagine a larger flower type, most genuine and absolutely pure; in and out around the flower. No restriction of color everywhere, no vulgarity, no external inner secret; open to the Sun that created it, finely finished above and below, right down to the more extreme point of grafting ". (John Ruskin)