• plants and greeneries

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The energy of Plants

Green and flowering plants, succulents and specific boxwood, all made with care and precision in every single leaf. Green plants and flowering will envelop you in an embrace of energy to feel immersed in nature.
Curiosity and tips
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These plants from the Oriental charm are called Succulents or Succulents, but more correctly meaning not tasty! In fact, in their tissues accumulate juices that allow them to survive in barren and inaccessible territories. In addition to the tough armor and pointed spines, however, succulents are beautiful flowers that attract birds and insects. In every corner of the House enrich the furniture with a touch peculiar and mysterious.

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Potted plants

Planting invaded give cheer and decorate any home. With a splash of color every room becomes a special place and cosy and come into the House becomes a pleasure!

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Flowering plants

Many plants in our homes are able to embellish the rooms with their colors and their shapes, just those that nature offers us every day. Suited to every environment are the best choice for having a House always flourished!

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Green plants

Even the green plants have the ability to give joy and color to every corner of the House, Office or shop, with their strong character and natural are simple to fit to fill every nook and cranny in nature.